Friday, April 27, 2012

Forcing myself to write

I feel the need to try and do this everyday because I promised, and I always do almost exactly as I said I would.
Anyways, so I am forcing myself to write even though I really only have about 10 minutes right now before I have to go.
Today I get to do this 'travel survey' of sorts. It's a semi-complicated journal thing with number codes for all the 'activities' and 'means of travel' but I find that it doesn't really take into account that multiple activities can happen at once(eating and watching Youtube, praying(they have a code for 'religious' activity) and reading or what you are doing WHILE you are traveling. So... I think it's not detailed enough, nothing is detailed enough for me though. I always want more and more. But I can't write more. My cat is meowing for no reason, or maybe something, I don't know, and I have to go out in the rain in shoes that are still kind of damp from yesterday when they felt like wet sponges tied to my feet. I need better shoes. I guess you get what you pay for(they only cost $15) with stuff, the plastic rain poncho from the Dollarrama works OK I guess, but the hood is too small and too loose as the same time to keep my face and neck dry from rain. Keeps everything else mostly dry though, soo.... I really gotta go now!


kyla said...

thinking about you today !! Kyla

April said...

Hope you're doing okay. I stopped by to see if you had any new posts.

cindy psbm said...

Go to 'home' dear, you will find more.