Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am doing this?

When a atheist says 'You can believe what you believe, just don't shove it down my throat'
What does that mean, does that mean I can't refer to my faith in any form while I am in the known presence of an atheist? I mean, the whole idea of being a christian means that I am supposed to tell people about my faith because I believe that without a decision for Christ, YOU will be lost and when you die, you will not experience heaven, also, you are missing out on the peace and love that Christ gives me.
So, believing this means that I really do want YOU to experience heaven, that the peace and love I know, and I will do anything I have to help that happen, or I should.
Now, I don't do this as much as I should, try and help people find peace with God and secure their destination after their death.
Is posting parts of the Bible on my Facebook 'shoving it down your throat'?
Would talking about the Bible with you be 'shoving it down your throat'?
Would inviting you to come to church be 'shoving it down your throat'?
Would wanting to pray before eating with you be 'shoving it down your throat'?
Would not wanting to drink or smoke or gamble or dress slutty be 'shoving it down your throat'?
Really I want to know, what does this behavior really look like, because I don't think I do this, but sometimes, I think, I probably should be trying harder to show people what I believe because I believe it to be the real truth.
I find that my sister get offended with me because I honestly whole-heartedly believe that the faith I have is real, it's not just religion, it's not just some thing I do so that I will go to heaven when I die, it's something I live by, a hope I have that is more real than anything else I know. It bothers them because they think it's a lie, they are more than OK with people who go through actions of religion, but they have a problem with me, their sister, because I really believe in the Bible, it's not just a good book, I really believe, and know that God loves me. I have seen very real miracles and I know I am not mistaken.
I truly don't know how my sisters lived in the same home as I did, when to the same church, and they do not believe the truth or have peace with God, but I do. It troubles me, so this should make me actually want to convince them even more, but I don't know how really. Because I don't want to force anyone to believe, I want people to believe because they figured it out, that it IS the truth. That's all.

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kyla said...

I feel the same way.. truth is truth.. faith is just believing.. not everything can be explained in life...Jesus to me is a real living faith.. He excepts forgives and never gives up on me.. what could be better than that... a world full of hate?? anger;'?? expectation???

Jesus will never fail me and if you don't like that.. that is ok.. but don't judge me for the way i live.. or post or pray... get over it.. if you don't believe than it shouldn't bother you what I say or do.. If it bothers you.. than asks your self this question.. WHY do I get offended??