Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I meant to do a post everyday but obviously I missed yesterday, it has been a tough week where I had to work extra hard and was treated rudely and really I feel like crap because a filling fell out of one of my molars and I am not sure if I can afford going to the dentist. Anyways, I think I'm going to write a bunch of stock posts so I don't have to worry so much about writing everyday like I really want to. I have tons of ideas but often, my mind sort of goes a bit blank when I get to the computer after all the demoralizing stress I have endured from my daily life, and also the physical exhaustion of everything. I'm not young anymore(well... sort of, if you think over 30 is old, which I do) and I have so much more trouble recovering from well...everything. I'm not the kind of person who gets energy from activity, just the opposite really. My mom doesn't get it, she keeps trying to get me to do stuff and it is very annoying because she's all 'Hey you have a day off, now you can clean out your desk, closet, dresser, vacuum the house for me, and do some raking as well!!' And I am like.... not so much mom, not so much. I mean, at work, I totally give it my all, or at least more than most of my coworkers, at home, it really doesn't matter how anything is as long as it's functional because my mom doesn't let me have any friends over and she herself never has any friends over, so none of it matters because it's unlikely anyone will find the messes I hide in my desk,closet,dresser, etc. That's all for now, but tomorrow I'll put up another adoption 'types' I got a comment that said she liked them, I'm still not sure if it was spam because it was so random and off topic, but I am going to get rid of as much brain crack today in order to make posting every day easier, at least for this coming week.

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