Saturday, April 14, 2012

I don't own one

Cell phones are the new cigarettes. Just like literally a hundred years ago, everyone seems to think it is completely normal to spend most of their time on them. I am fascinated by cell phones, and a few years ago, I did try using them but it did not work out good and I quickly gave up on them. Mostly because unlike most people, I do not have anyone who will call me everyday, well, I might have Kyla call me once or twice a week or maybe even a month, but calling that often is pointless. I really don't know what people have to say for so long on their cell phones. I think most of it is pointless and useless and not informative at all. Honestly, all I experience from cell phone users is the rudeness and the selfishness that cell phone use makes people act like the people in real life, right in their presence are not as important as the fact that a person who is not even near them is sending them some sort of vague message that is not even in good grammar. Not that my grammar is the best, but it's completely better than any of the 'text' talk I have seen. Cell phones do not make life better, I think they are going to cause brain cancer, even any kind of cancer and make everyone rude and stupid, they already are doing this! I like talking on a phone that tells the person on the other side exactly where I am. I want to have a 15-30 minute conversation, not a 15-30 SECOND conversation. I hate that if I have to call someone on their cell I don't know if they are busy. It always happens, I call someone and they get all mad at me for calling them on their cell because 'they're busy' and I've interrupted something important. Well then, don't tell me to call you 'anytime' on your cell if you don't mean it!!! Cell phones are evil, like cash money.


April said...

I'm very glad to have found your blog. I've always liked your posts on the open adoption support website and wondered if you had a blog somewhere. I found it today through your OAR post. Your "Types" posts were interesting to read. Here's one to consider adding: How about the unknown birthfather? He doesn't know that he fathered a child, and he will never know. His birth child is the result of a one-night-stand with the birth mom. They most likely met at a bar or party. The birth mom doesn't know or remember the man's name. All efforts of identifying or locating him during the adoption process are futile.

cindy psbm said...

Hey, there, I think I did mention that on #4.
Not with the detail about being 'unknown' just excluded, and OUTSIDER to the processes of adoption.
I have heard of these stories about a woman not knowing whom impregnated her, but it's something I just can't imagine. I know whole shows are dedicated to 'finding the father' and stuff, but I just can't imagine the search being completely futile. I really think that eventually, the father will be found, it's just a matter of time.

April said...

I wasn't sure it that was covered in #4 or not, so I thought I'd check. :) I personally know of two situations like I described. In one situation alcohol was involved and the mother was unsure of the guy's first name, didn't know where he lived, and didn't even remember which bar she met him at. I can't fathom it either, but it happens. In cases like this, judges in my state are very thorough in ensuring that everything possible has been done to find the father before his parental rights are terminated.