Things I want you to know

I figure I should go ahead and put up some kind of introduction to myself so that you all know at least the basics about the person that I am, if you are at all interested.
I am a Christian, and have been one since I was five, my faith is not perfect and I haven't even attended the same church all my life or anything. Religion makes me feel ill, I mean, if the practices are related to really meaningful things that promote faith, I think that's good, but if not, it's useless to me.
I am a ISTJ personality and it really shows in me.
I am a birth mom in an open adoption. So far I have visited Parker 18 times and seen about as many life events through pictures on Facebook.
Jacob is Parkers' birth dad and he is married to Tara, together they currently have 3 children.
Jacob and I remain friends and even though we are not a part of each others lives, we usually visit Parker together as a collaborative endeavor, but I've recently decided to just go on my own.
I currently live with my Mom, my Daddy died March 28, 2001 at 4:30pm of a massive heart attack. I am at peace with his passing but I must say that I am more like my Daddy was than I'll ever be like my mom, in personality that is, although I think I have some of my Daddy's bone structure in my hands and feet. (sucks to be me on that front)
As an adult I have actually lived on my own more than not, and living with my Mom at this point in my life is more about me helping with her bills and the fact that I have never lived in any place that was physically better than my moms home and I am not going to back to living in dumps anymore.
I am in my 30's I can't believe it myself honestly, and I work in a retail thrift store.
My only real responsibility, outside of myself, is my wonderful cat, Lucy.
Who stole my heart from the moment I met her without even trying.
She is my fur-baby.
I have two sisters, one of whom in married and had three children, I also have a brother.
This is all you need to know about me.(probably more than you need to know, but ...meh!)