Tuesday, July 1, 2014

About online dating

In the last 10 years I have been occasionally trying online dating.
Mostly without any success. Just 2 months ago I had 3 dates with a very nice guy who decided never to contact me again for reasons I'll probably never know.

This has been on my mind a while, and I've been really overly focused on it so I figure I should just get out all the things I have learned or experienced from online dating.

1. The guys who I want will rarely message me back, but the guys I couldn't care less about, the young stupid, or just stupid and totally the opposite of everything I want in a man, those guys will always try and contact me, in very bad grammar.
2. Online dating is mostly for cheaters. People who are divorced, or divorcing, people who don't like their current relationships or who were dumped or might soon be dumped.
3. Guys never read the important details if your picture is at all good.
4. If you picture is only OK, they will reject you for any information that seems TMI
(of which I put too much of on all my profiles)
5. Success stories are about 5% of members, most people who do online dating will not find a good partner.
6. Dating sites are bad at keeping out scammers
7. The cost of membership will never be explained, also you might get to do 2-3 'freebie' services like messaging or chat, but then you will suddenly be prompted to pay.
8. Pop-up ads will always feature really sexy woman, and I have my settings on the fact that I am looking for a single man.
9. Short guys are the kindest but the ones I least want, because dude, I'm 5'9. I don't want to bend over to kiss you!!
10. Everyone is either in their 50's or 20's. People in their 30-40's are rare
11. Usually people message you about 2-4 times and that's the end of it, if a date doesn't happen, it's never going to happen.
12. Most of the people who have 'good' profiles are already dating and just 'forgot' their profile was still up.