Sunday, April 22, 2012


I actually did it, I clean out my desk. To be honest, some of the stuff in my desk was never mind, it just was there when I moved back to my moms house now almost 5 years ago. FYI I have lived on my own about half of my adult life, well, almost half of my adult life. It's not like I'm a dead beat moocher who just stayed at home all these years, I really did not do that at all. I was really tried today because I am dealing the blood loss, you know, the natural feminine kind that happens like every three weeks or more. Anyways, I manage to clean out so much stuff that now a whole three drawers are empty. I emptied them in the recycle bin my mom got me as an encouragement to get on the cleaning out, only I really don't understand why she cares so much about the stuff in my desk drawers, I pay her for the use of this room in her house and buy all my own food, all I ask is privacy. Why is that just too much to ask for?? But hey, at least I know she probably does it for my own good, I feel better now that it's done. Really I do.

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