Thursday, April 26, 2012

Am I a hipster?

If you are reading this blog often you notice that I missed a day again, oops.
Truth is that I'm getting scared about blogging a little bit because I told someone I know IRL about it.
Also, I've noticed my stats getting higher and I'm not sure where people are all coming from.
Mostly OART and BMB but there are few unknowns for whom the links don't go anywhere.

Something I have been thinking about for a while as I watch copious amounts of You tube vloggers, the ones I have now been watching for about two years, a little more. I mostly watch the learning, and silliness type videos and it seems like it's now the going trend to get or be smart and stuff like that, which I think is good, I mean, I'm not that smart, but I am curious and I have always loved to read and listen to new ideas.
Anyways, what I have been thinking about is how a 'hipster' person is described, I mean, technically I might actually be one, but I think I'm too old to be a hipster.

My opinion is that a hipster is a teenage to very young adult(13-24ish) who wears scarves, knitted hats or wide brimmed hats, skinny jeans(worn to show butt cracks or brightly colored underwear), and a unbuttoned plaid shirt with a tank top or graphic t-shirt under it, oh and army boots or high top running shoes, usually untied. Also they are 'too cool' for anything that is 'main stream'. As well, everything is done 'ironically' whatever that means.

Now, I do not look like that AT ALL but some of the other things that 'hipsters' are supposed to be about are things that can be true for me.
For example, I shop at thrift stores. Actually, most of my life I have hardly ever bought things that are new, not even underwear(nowadays, yes, but when I was a teenager, I wore my moms old underwear, really weird I know, but it was normal for me, and they were CLEAN), I like music that hardly anyone knows about, mostly because it's church music and that is not usually 'mainstream' to like listening to hymns in German and such. Although, I do like other music that is sort of  'underground' mostly from You Tube.
There are some artists that formed a company of their own called DFTBA  
Most of those are the ones I favor, but I do like some others, does that make me a 'hipster'?
I guess because I don't think I am a 'hipster' that makes me one, but I doubt it.
I mean, another thing I have heard that 'hipsters' do is listen to cassette tapes and have old things.
(by old, they usually mean 'something from the 90's) but I have old things because I'm over 30!
I AM old! Well, compared to most of the people on the Internet, yeah, I'm really old.
So... do you think I'm a 'hipster'?

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GondolaQueen said...

I laughed so hard when I read this (I'm definitely NOT a hipster) because I love teasing my best friend that the 'hipster trend' is her fault (she's had a mohawk for years) because of her tattoos, riding a bike everywhere, eating only organic, shopping vintage stores (cause she's cheap) etc. etc. So this post tickled me hard.