Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why pay more, just to be 'cool'?

I have decided to only post when I really really feel like it.

All my life I have mostly lived on second hand things and lived in the 'poorer' places of the city and such.
Last Saturday I went with my mom to a rummage sale at a community center and I found some interesting things.
I have found that many of my teen-aged  co-workers despise anything that is second hand.
To many of them, even getting books from the library is 'gross'.
It is my opinion that the stuff you buy 'new' has be touched by just as many people, maybe more, as stuff that is not new.
I know that people I regard in high esteem would wrinkle their noses at going to a community hall and spending some time looking through previously owned goods.
I like what I got. I got a little jewelery music box that is in perfect condition.
It has a light-up gold-colored rose inside and plays 'Fur Elise' very loudly.
It totally scared Lucy, it was hilarious.
This box, cost me 25 cents...CENTS!(even though it still had a sale sticker on it for $3.65)
I also found these really big greeting cards, blank inside, with beautiful painting prints of horses on them(they cost me 10 cents, all 3 of them). I know they would have been over $3 each in a regular store.
I found a very very nice tea pot too, white with pink flowers and gold accents on it, only...25...CENTS!
I also found a weird paper back, that I might not even read, but it was only 10 cents.
And my mom found some nice black jeans for work for just a dollar, as well as some blouses, I think they were only a dollar each too, and they were name brands that I know from my work place!
Nothing wrong with the clothes. I mean, nowadays kids pay big bucks for ripped jeans!!
Can you believe that? It's a style that cost so much and looks TERRIBLE (well, in my opinion)
It was on Saturday that my mom and I also went to the new library that just opened up near my neighborhood, I got four books and two movies, all with just my library card.($12/year)
So... pretty much free(except I forgot my card there and I plan to get it back when I bring the movies back)

When I think of all the stuff that people PAY FOR when they could get it for free, I just don't get it.
That's why shopping like the average person, spending thousands on just a handful of items, I think it's so very stupid. I wish more people would like to shop like I do, in the 'junk' that others throw away.
I mean, if it's dirty, I can wash it, you have to wash 'new' things anyways!
Although, I am a little creeped out by some of the other people who come to the rummage and thrift stores, usually because they are the scary customers I have at my workplace who don't like the prices of things.
I can't change the prices of things in retail stores, and honestly, I think everything is way too expensive too, just knowing that at a rummage sale, that set of dishes that someone bought for 50 bucks, yeah, it's now $5, all of them, well, maybe missing a couple things, but STILL.

The things in life I pay way too much for is usually food, because, even though I think it's too expensive, I get too hungry to care.
BTW, the books I took out from the library are new releases, as in, just came out in stores but I can read the same books people are buyin' for free(sort of) because I have a library card!
I am going to go do that right now, finish reading a really awesome story and make some tea too.
Had to buy my mom more coffee cream, I stole most of hers and she's mad about it, I hope she like the kind I got her.
So... it is really worth it to pay for something, if there is a way to have it almost free?

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