Saturday, May 19, 2012

Going home now

Hey there, so here I am at the Winnipeg airport and I only have few minutes before I have to get on the plane, also, my battery might not last and the only plug I can find is 20 feet away from where I am sitting, and there is no seat by it at all. I think I might not be allowed to use it anyways.
So, the funeral was OK, a bit clumsy at time with words, but we did OK.
My brother was being a jerk to me yesterday when I was at the Starbucks Safeway. I guess I took my privilege of going there a little too far and because I took the key it made him very mad.
He just has to be in control and somehow have the upper hand in things, small things, like the remote or even my every move, and my sister and mom kind of just joined in the meanness of him. They get all change of mood and nice to me again when our other relatives have been visiting. There was a ton of visiting with my aunts and uncles, I really enjoyed their company, no matter the reason being my Grandpa death. There were many times of confusion that seemed scary and worrisome to me. I tried not to let it hurt my feelings, but it was hard for me. I know that offense was not meant, except my brother, and my sister and mom don't appose him and his meanness toward me because they don't want to be the object of it. I feel although, like I am the lesser person out of all the family. The least favored, but some of my cousins really encouraged me in small joking ways that were very helpful. I want to remember all the things. The fact that my Grandma remembers my birthday, that my Uncle David played with fire and that's why some of his face doesn't move the same way(Although, he doesn't look burned to me, at all, maybe because it happened when he was very very young). The lovely gorgeous cousins that were adopted from Haiti that are so very wonderful and I just have even more love for them now that I have actually met them, instead of just seeing pictures and hearing stories for others. I didn't really connect with the cousins my age, or within a decade or so, I don't really know why, but I always feel like people my age don't really connect with me, so that is nothing new. I think I should pack up the laptop now, we probably have five more minutes or so, but we'll have to wait for boarding still, and I am sitting not ten feet from our gate. My mom and I have got along OK, we even had to sleep together, which was more comfortable than I expected, it was a very big air mattress, and we had alot of blankets and such. The air mattress really didn't stay inflated very long, but when you are tired enough, it really doesn't matter anymore, all that matters is that you get to sleep, and we did. My sister and brother are still there, at that apartment, so if I left anything behind, I am sure that they will make sure to tell me. I don't think I did, but anything is possible. I really have to go now.

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