Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Facebook 'Rules' or whatever

I am quite private about my Facebook account and I believe it is the right thing to do.
My account is for me, and I should do what is best for me concerning it, and not what others might think is nicer or something.
I know I might come off as a horrible person for all the ways that I censer my online accounts, but I think it just me being as responsible as I can about how I handle things that can be dangerous or unpredictable.
I like to avoid risk wherever possible and protect what I care about from the slightest harm in whatever way I can.
I am going to present to you my 'Rules' for my Facebook account, and also my other rules for general internet stuff.
1. I decided to stop adding people, but if I add someone, it is a trail run to see if you do anything that is useful to me or if you just do things that are annoying and useless, or worse.
-'sharing' every single move you make on stupid games
-promoting something commercial, a band, a show, anything that makes money
-bad grammar
-copious amounts of bad pictures
-status updates that don't make any sense
-friending me but then not responding to my messages or inviting me to anything happening in your life
-having a fake name
-a profile picture that is not your face(and your face ALONE)
- any kind of spam, or invite that leads to a customer survey that needs a cell number(I don't have a cell phone and I'll never get one!!)
-unrelated comments on a status or picture, I mean comments that are not about either the status or the picture
2. The above annoyances are all reasons why I have unfriended people in the past, and might do so in the future. Of course I make allowances for certain people, like my niece who is actually far far FAR too young to actually be on the site, but I guess my sister doesn't care about age restrictions when it comes to her daughter. That's nothing new in the world, the whole world doesn't follow age restrictions on things if they can't be caught or punished. It's really stupid, but nothing I can do about their decisions.
So, in short, rule 2 is that I will un friend you if you are not a part of my REAL life and you do the annoying things for more than a month or so. If you're in my real life, and you do annoying things, sometimes you are the exception, but sometimes you are not.
3. For myself, I use the privacy setting to the max and when I upload a bunch of pictures, especially if they are of Parker, I private them for only five people usually.
Currently, I am comfortable with having 10 people on my list, and I added my auntie Lorna just a week ago because of my Grandpa dieing and all, I will probably remove her soon because she does the annoying things. Also, I don't think she knows about Parker and I'm pretty sure I don't want her too know.
Mostly because I can't know who she will tell and how she will tell them.
My rules are mostly about keeping the facts about Parker safe, I don't want gossip spreading through my extended family about him. I don't know what they will say exactly, but I know that it could turn into something I don't like or something that doesn't sound like the truth. I just can't risk that happening.
4.When I make something public, I try and make it something that I believe with all my heart that everyone will benefit from, like my Bible study. I'm a christian, and I like witnessing in whatever way I can. I don't have the courage to tell people about the Bible face to face, but on Facebook, I share a unique part of the Bible every day. It's not repetitive like the horoscopes or those other Facebook memes about 'encouraging phrases' or anything because the Bible is a resource that can never sound trite like those can.
So I only post things that I enjoy immensely myself, occasionally a funny video or pretty song, but not much more than that, and I hope that others can follow my example and not post for posting sake but posting only what really matters and stuff, ya know?
This is all I can think of for now about Facebook, now I will tell you what I do for other internet stuff.
If it is a forum, I try to only contribute or post when I really have something important to say, or feel like I have something important to say, or I am just utterly compelled by mysteries forces to respond somehow.
It's probably a introvert thing, but I wish it was an everybody thing. I get so frustrated with the nothingness of some of the things I see on the internet when I am trying to find things that really teach me something good.
I get that sometimes you just want to 'connect' but I think that would happen better if people put more thought into what they put out there for the internet to see.
Anyways, that's all for now. This is totally rough, and I might change it, but I'll just go ahead and publish it now to see if I get any thoughtful responses and stuff. OK?


I was thinking about how I forgot to write about the things I need my the people on my Facebook list to actually do, or things that I really really really WANT them to do anyways.
1. Make status updates about what is really happening in your life, your thoughts, your feelings, things that are actually happening. For example: 'Car broke down' or 'I love coffee' or 'Got a new job' or 'It's a girl!' ...
... that kind of thing is great, and I really do want to know what is really happening in the lives of people I have on my list, otherwise, I wouldn't have added them.
2.Post good pictures of things that happen or places that are unique.
For example, if a sudden snow storm happened, take a picture of how your street looks.
OR, if you just had a new baby, I for sure want to see that, also any pictures of your kids doing new and fun things, I care about not only Parker, but my nieces, nephew, and my friends kids are just as special as family to me, I want to see the neat things kids do, that is always great, but make sure they are good pictures.
There's little point to posting pictures where I can't really see what is going on or who is in the picture if it's out of focus, or out of context or really distorted somehow.
3.Message me back, be a part of my real life, call me on the phone if I give you my number.
If you make an 'event' invite me, I will probably come to it if you give me at least a week notice.
It is very disheartening to see and 'event' posted just hours before it happens or even, the day after see activity on an 'event' of a friend that I was not even invited too. If you are on my list, you are really important to me, and I want to be just as important to you. Invite me to your events, even if you think I can't go.
4. Link things that are interesting and important, things that matter to the world at large.
I am counting on you to help keep in informed about the world, that's another reason you're important to me!
That's all I can think of for now. I hope you liked this edit! 


April said...

What I find most frustrating lately is how people will share or even upload onto their photos a photo with a caption written on it or sometimes just a saying. It clutters up the news feed and in general is a waste of my time to read or scroll through. Something I'm struggling with lately is how to deal with one of my FB friends who posts things I find offensive as a Christian. Normally I would not befriend someone like that, but since it is my daughter's birthmother, I don't know if I want to. It's my only window into her world and the only way we communicate. It has made it very clear to me that FB content is definitely PG-13, and I will never let my child have a personal account until she is at least 13. I wish there was a way I could filter that bad stuff out so I could safely scroll through birth family pictures with my kids without worrying about the f-word flashing on the screen.

cindy psbm said...

I couldn't agree with you more.