Thursday, March 22, 2012

verbal snap-shots

I want to give you an idea of the 'highlights' and little moments of my life that stick in my mind often.
This is inspired by all the reality shows that are everywhere and I thought...what would snapshots from my life look like or what would I want people to know that I experience.

My cat Lucy curls up on my bed. Face against the thick pink shiny comforter, Her neck at an odd angle, the only way I know she's still alive, the rising and falling of her fluffy black belly. I poked her bum for fun, she leaped up and attacks my face, but only for a second. Then almost instantly as her eyes squint in cat smile-ness the claws retract, slip away from my face and a loud purring comes from her and she settles back down into the comforter with only a slight twitching of the very tip of her tail.
Lucy runs away from me as I try to play with her, and then, when I leave the room to go into another, she comes out of her hiding places with a questioning 'meow?' and attacks my hair as I move around doing various tasks and it sways. It's getting kind of long, my hair that is, almost past my shoulder blades!
A half-drunk native woman is pursued by an other drunk native, a man. All the way to the train. Others prevent him from reaching her and a smartly dressed Sikh business man gets of the train early (regular rider, I have seen him many times) to avoid the smelly loud commotion.
Was leaving the train to go home, train was out of service, at the end of the line. Saw a young boy, average, expensive clothing, large red skateboard with extra hardware attached to it. He is comatose, I try to rouse him, I mean, awake him, but it doesn't work. I tell the train driver, and I feel embarrassed when I say "I tried to rouse him" but really it sounds like I said 'arouse' which I obviously didn't mean. I go to my bus and it waits like it usually does, then the boy I couldn't awake gets on the bus. I feel so embarrassed still that I try not to look at him or anything, hoping he didn't notice me when I was trying to awake him up. The boy coughs deeply and horribly almost the whole ride, sounds honestly sick. I feel quite sorry for him.
I watch in slight disbelief as a transit cop writes a ticket to a very senior lady for not validating her fare ticket and also, offering her a ride to wherever she needs to go. The officer is an older man as well. 
I use the self-checkouts with confidence and even ask for the code for tomatoes. The clerk, a very nice older lady, rattles of the code without any hesitation. Not like the young girls whose attention is so hard to get these days when you need a little help in a store. A half-eaten cookie was left on the machine from the last customer before me and I tell the clerk this and she responses with a quirky 'Did you want the other half?' hilarious.
I am assigned a trainee but tell my supervisor that I don't like training people, and I don't, it's frustrating and awkward and I am not technically a people person. I really just like serving people as quickly as possible.
Spending more than five minutes with anyone is really tiresome and often I say many awkward unnecessary things to try and promote friendliness, but I often fail at that. Anyways, she took the girl away from me after the first hour, it made me feel bad, like I was rejecting the girl herself instead of the task of training. I do so enjoy working alone though, I can really focus on being as friendly as possible to customers. I am sure the girl liked the other girl who was training her the day before better. Besides, the till where I was is kind of uncomfortable being so close the doors and the wind and all that happens here.

There you have it, snap-shots of my life.

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