Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dentists are alot like car salesmen

For the first time in my whole life, I had a ROOT CANAL on one of my teeth.
It wasn't half bad. Honestly, I think I got through it pretty good.

The only thing that bothers me is my dentist seems to keep forgetting that all the work he does costs me something. I feel this way because he keeps suggesting other things, cavities that I 'need' filled, etc.

Really I don't think that my cavities need filling because they don't hurt.
I think he(dentist) forgot that he is the one who put in those fillings that fell out.
I know now that dental work is not guaranteed for a life time, but like most things in my life, I wish I was(don't we all)
Getting a root canal was very interesting, I learned that they remake your tooth out of a kind of plastic that they mold into place in tiny bits, like crafting work. That's after they totally carve almost all of the rotten tooth away.
I went to the bathroom for a pee in the middle of the procedure, just after they had pretty much done all the carving out of rotten tooth stuff. That did take a while because the freezing didn't take too well at first.
I have always had this problem, and I can't believe that my dentist doesn't remember that it takes more than twice the amount of chemicals to do the same job on me as it would do on your average person.

Yeah, I'm the kind of person for whom the average, recommended doze of any kind of chemical does not do what it would do for an average person. I often take 4, instead of 2 pills for a headache, and as a child I had terrible ear infections that nearly killed me with fever because the 'normal' doze of medicine didn't work for me, I needed double the amount to save me.

So, yeah, I at least 8 needles of 'freezing' for my mouth today. I didn't mind them so much though, I should have, but needles usually bother me more if I can see the blood coming out of me or something.
In my mouth, I expected it, and I was OK with it. I feel like I have special angels that are helping me with things that should be very difficult for me, but they're not lately. I don't know why, someone must be praying for me, that's what I think, what I hope.

Anyways, I saw the hole, all cleaned out of rotten tooth, in my mouth. Really it looked like most of my tooth had been taken away on me and a round row of little plastic sticks were a tiny little dam inside the almost non-existent tooth's hole.

I know they filled in that whole with tiny bits of plastic, like I said before, and used one of those purple lights that they use in nail salons(only shaped in a special tooth-gun thingy) to cement the plastic into place.

Now I have a super smooth tooth that's mostly plastic, I think.
My jaw doesn't even hurt too bad, just a slight ache, much less than the sharp pains I was having before, with all the rotten stuff.
It sort of makes me feel better, just knowing all the totally gross rotten stuff is gone and I won't feel that kind of pain in that tooth again. I might feel it in other teeth, but for now, I'll just hope that the day that happens is at least a few years from now.
I can't afford another $1400 bucks to have guy spend over an hour chiseling the crap out of one of my teeth and then slowly melting plastic inside the remaining hole.
All while trying to sell me more 'treatment' and such to someone like me who has less than no money and just wants to pay off all the credits cards and cancel them. 


Roni said...

Glad you tooth isnt hurting anymore! Im one of those people too who have to have a few shots of novocaine before I am totally numb...then Im numb FOREVER!
BTW the stuff they fill your tooth with is actually a porceline (it isnt a solid when they put it in your tooth)and the UV light is what cures or hardens it.
So do you have other cavaties or did he just say you needed old fillings replaced? Because if they are actual cavaties and you dont get them filled you will end up having to have more root canals if they progress too far...if its just filling replacment-I hate when they tell you they need replacing! I had quite a few silver ones and they do begin to leak mercury so they do have to be replaced with porceline...what a pain!

cindy psbm said...

I have other cavities, and yes, I know that I may need more root canals if I don't get them filled, but I can't afford that and they are not hurting me at the moment!
10 years ago I had all the silver ones replaced, by the same dentist, so I don't have any of those anymore.