Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Reasons why I live with my mom

As an adult I know I should be more independent but I feel as though I mostly am.
Many people act like they are independent adults but actually many of them struggle on their own and never let others know the truth.
So I'm going to state the reasons why for me, living with my mom is better for me.
All reasons are equal and I'm just stating them as I think of them, but I'm going to number them.

1. Rent is negotiable. I work a job that doesn't guarantee that I make the same every month.
Also, I know exactly the cost of all the bills and pay my portion most of the time.
I like being able to pay what I can when I can and not be totally broke all the time.
2. My belongings and person are respected. Every time I have lived in a place that is not my mom house, I have had my belongings and person disrespected somehow. Either by right out theft or destruction or just simply been accused of things that are not my fault. My mom doesn't do either. Most of the time. She did give away a vintage TV I wanted and sometimes confuses her cooking mess with whatever I have done.
3. As much as my mom can be annoying, her accountability helps me be more responsible.
Because of her, I go to bed at a respectable hour, I do my part to clean and take part in other chores.
On my own, I have let milk turn solid, forgotten meat in a microwave for 2 weeks among other things.
4. When I lived on my own, I had this horrible feeling of being alone. My mom had it too, when I wasn't here and would call me and have nothing to talk to me about really. She just was creeped out by being alone.
Now, we don't always talk to each other, but knowing the other in the house somehow gives us both a sense of peace. For my mom, being alone is uncomfortable after almost her whole life having been a parent and a wife, and before that caring for her many siblings. She needs someone she can sort of 'take care of' once in a while as much as she would complain about helping me.
5. My mom and I can work well together, eat most of the same food, watch the same TV shows and really have many of the same social goals. Those being to be a part of the rest of our family, for that it seems we need to have a joint effort. Separate efforts have not worked. Also to encourage faith in daily life.
My mom keeps me from having sex with men just by being someone who I live with.
6. I feel safer and more comfortable in my mom house than I ever have had in any other home.
I have tried to live on my own many times, for almost half my adult life. It does not work and I come away from those experiences having lost more than I ever gained.
7. I am allowed to come and go as I please as long as I tell her where I am and what I am doing.
Being that my mom has my best interests at heart, it's my pleasure to let her know where I am.
Not many people care about me like my mom does, probably no one but Jesus.
8. I get to have a cat and the neighbors don't have loud wild parties at all hours of the night.
They do other things that are annoying, but at least I can expect the slamming of the van doors at 4am only once a day.

Of all these reasons. 4 is the most compelling for me. As much as my mom is not perfect and sometimes treats me with some disrespect. I know she loves me in her own way and always does whatever she can to help me be a better person. I hope I have the same effect on her.

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