Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Things I learned from 'Frozen'

Recently I had the chance to see a movie and happened to see 'Frozen'.
I've been thinking about it and I want to list all the things I have learned from watching it.

Given it was a fun movie to watch, and I know that it is a movie and should not be compared to real life, but I'm going to do that anyways.
Facts about the Frozen world.(these are not in order of importance, just as I think of them)

1. Magical ice is extremely strong. I mean, grown men can run on a staircase made of it, even hang from that staircase and it won't crack or anything! Also a grown woman can run on it with ballet flats and not slip or fall but a moose will totally fumble all over the stairs, but again, these stairs made of magical ice won't show any sign of the slightest damage from this activity. Also, a girl turned into this ice by happenstance can shatter a steel sword in a split second. It can also break through walls and destroy any barrier in it's path, but only when emotionally motivated.
2. Child princesses have no need of physical care givers and no need of food or drink most of the time they just run around singing about how much they want to play with snow.
3. If it's suddenly really cold all the time in the town where it used to be all sunshine and flowers, you should stand around in the town square complaining about it instead of staying home and using that brick hole in the wall that has a rack that holds stack of cut wood. You know, a fireplace. Maybe they didn't use them for so long that they forgot how...
4. Horses can understand English and have eyes that face forward. This is actually true for many animated films, but it has always bugged me because they are trying for 'realism' but add silly effects that have no real purpose.
5. It's really upsetting when your sister finds a guy she wants to marry because then the focus is off you and your problem of guilt about lying and hiding your true self.
6. Little sisters love their older sisters unconditionally even when they've been lied too and abandoned, they will still believe only good things about their sister who could kill her with magic by accident.
Or even when she knows she's dying because of what her sister did, still she believes that her sister 'would never hurt her'
7. Being struck by a magic icy blast can give you gray hair, or white hair.
8. Not one person suffers any long term effects from being in cold weather with little protection.
In real life, people would have died, had hypothermia, had frost bite that blackens fingers, toes and noses if they had gone through the same situations in real life.
9. The dumb but honestly good guy who tries to the right thing will eventually be able to do it.
Even when the chances of someone coming back from a half-day's travel in less than 10 minutes are less than impossible.
10. Magically snow can have a real personality and life that never stops, even when it should not be possible, even with the rules of magic in the setting of the world.
11. Being emotionally damaged is super sexy and magical clothes never look bad, or get dirty. The same with hair, even 'messed' up, it is still perfectly shiny and easily styled, in like seconds to the moment of a very important presentation.
12. Singing songs is the best way to communicate an important message. Especially repeating the same words over and over, even when they don't make sense, should make them seem to make perfect sense.
13. Bad guys always have stupid sounding names that give away their true intentions.
14. Family is forever and is the truest form of love, even when the only family left are 2 sisters who don't even seem to mourn for the loss of their parents(IDK what really happened to the king and queen because I had to visit the toilet, so I might ask someone and get back to you.)
15. Trolls are made of moss-covered rocks and have magical healing powers. Or one of them does and the others are just lovable silly people who accept anyone they see.

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