Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Documentries are movies too

They are making a movie of your life. Tell us all about it! Is it a drama? Action flick? Rom-com? Which star will play you?

Participating in this BlogHop thing could be good for me. I've been lagging a bit, not feeling up to really being part of a group writing thing because everyone is so much better at it and have so much shinier blogs and lives and stuff.

Still I actually think about this question from time to time. What would my life look like if it could be made into a movie. First off, it would be a documentary in the style of those 'intervention' shows. Not that I have any addictions, but honestly I envy some of those people on shows like that. They somehow get a whole bunch of people to be super interested in someones life enough to pay for a therapy vacation because all is not well!! Or like one of those "Who Do You Think You Are?" shows. A cross between those too film styles.

I won't have an actress play me, even though people say I look like Zooey Deschanel or Reese Witherspoon. I don't see it and I doubt that they would be interested in playing boring old me.

My life story in film form would have show that I was more social than I feel I am, what with being a part of the choir(singing solos) and the writing club and even starting a club of my own with my high school boyfriend(for Christians... it didn't work out). Even having a high school boyfriend and remaining a virgin would probably seem unbelievable to most seeing that I am a birth mom now.

I've documented much of my life in journals and they would be able to provide some drama in the form of misunderstandings with coworkers and witnessed domestic violence as well as struggles with depression and times of fervent faith that likely offended many.

Not the type of stuff movies are usually made about, but a long, over wrought story of my life told by family friends and myself is the only type of movie that I could imagine. I don't have a great imagination honestly.
Only when I read books. I can't come up with anything unique on my own.  


Tami said...

Documentary style...nice choice! I'm sure your life is much more beautiful than you give yourself credit for! :)

chittisterchildren said...

Documentaries are films - that's a good point! It could really work!