Sunday, January 20, 2013

What's my favorite place?

I like a whole bunch of places in my mom's house, where I live(we live like roommates and pay equally for bills most of the time).
I like the kitchen when the sunlight is filling it and the table is the perfect height for writing/reading/eating/etc, but the chairs are not too comfortable..
I like my bedroom because it contains all the resources my mind craves, books, my laptop, my clothes, etc, but it's cold in here(due to malfunctioning furnace)
I like the laz-i-boy chair in the living room and seeing all the pictures there makes me feel comforted, but it doesn't have all that either the kitchen or my bedroom has..

... so I like almost every room, but not any is really my 'favorite'

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Heather Schade said...

Sun-filled rooms are some of my favorites, too. :)