Saturday, January 26, 2013

my pet peeves as a retail worker

There are many things that customers do in stores that are totally unacceptable from my POV as a worker in said retail store.
For example, when people are shopping and they select a number of items, and then when they are a distance away from where they gathered those items, suddenly decide that they don't want to buy them but they also don't want to bring them back to where they belong.
This is frustrating because if one person did it, no big deal, but it's the norm rather than the exception.
It's as if one stupid person decides that it's just too much work to put that container of yogurt back in the cooler and leaves it in the book section of the store. Not just on a shelf, but shoved behind some expensive large reading material so that the yogurt and the expensive book are both destroyed and unsaleable. Anyways, someone sees this person do this and justifies their own actions of leaving those shoes they tried in the middle of the floor(all ten pairs) or worse yet, opening a box of cookies and eating one or two, and leaving the rest of the box in a place where someone else steps on it and now it's a big mess.

People seem to have little respect for discount retail stores in particular, as if giving you a great deal gives permission to destroy the merchandise. Maybe they would understand better if I told them a story.

Say I came to your house, because you invited me, and I didn't like the food you gave me, but instead of putting it in your trash bin, I stuffed it in your couch cushions. Or say I decided to help myself to whatever I wanted from your cupboards without asking and often leaving a mess behind. You would think me a bratty child that has no manners at all. This is what you are being when you treat a private retail store with disrespect. It reflects badly on you.

Don't think that the workers don't know who did what, when people do things often, it is actually really obvious who the culprits are in most of the horrible actions of willful destruction and thoughtless acts.

I just wonder sometimes, it is too much to ask that people respect things that do not belong to them and could belong to others? 

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TTABaby said...

I always try to put things back (or if I truly can't remember where it came from in the pile of things to be put back). I think this comes from my mother teaching me to respect others as well as my time in retail. Just because someone is paid to be in the store does not make them your slave. Used to drive me crazy!