Saturday, July 21, 2012

Millions of children died today.. and I can't find anyone who cares

Lately I've noticed that most people don't care about things that don't directly affect them.
It bothers me. There are people who talk about scary news stories, but mostly the attitude is more 'how to I protect myself from this horror' rather than 'how do I help those poor people affected'
Now, I know that my interaction with people is likely not the norm for the whole world.
It's just that I'm somehow stuck interacting with the most insular, self-involved, short-sighted and selfish people that are possible in a limited social life that involves working at a retail store or hanging out with people, in their thirties, who are married with kids.
It seems that after a person has developed their own 'world' of cares, the cares of the world at large are rarely any of their concern.
I mean, I want to be friends with these people, they are nice, for the most part.
It's just that they give me blank stares when I ask them if they know about recent news stories or read any good books or really if they noticed the needs of anyone but themselves.
Why is it that nowadays, it's twenty-somethings and teenagers that are willing to change the world for the good. Why aren't more parents and married people making any significant efforts to help the world at large.
I mean, when it happens, it's usually such a big deal that it gets in all the newspapers and stuff!
You would think finding love, and having children, who require many many things, would make those people think more about how millions kids die, everyday, because the didn't get any food to eat, or enough food to keep them healthy.
I feel like I live in a world of bubble people, people who only care about the people who care about them and can help them or further their own agendas. Which are usually good, like raising healthy, responsible children or having a healthy marriage and healthy bodies and minds.
What I hope for is that people could go outside of their 'bubbles' of self interest, do things that cost them something, have no actual reward, and only benefit someone who cannot repay in any way.
That would be true charity. I don't want to brag, but I have tried to do things, yes, the pay off is that I feel good about doing something that costs me and to people who can't repay me.
It still kind of furthers my agenda of trying to be a good person.
I really don't want it to be about me though, it's why I like anonymous giving, if possible(isn't usually nowadays, security issues and all)
I just really wish I could have a lover who would understand and be interested in all the things that I am.

I'm selfish too, I know, but I'm trying not to be, but everyone I talk too thinks I'm crazy or stupid or they just don't want to admit that they are totally horribly selfish too to take for granted food and water and shelter while millions children die everyday...

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April said...

Those sappy abused animals commercials upset me. If only people would put that much energy toward people and children in need. I've found ways to help children locally (helping kids in foster care and low income moms) as well as donating to international causes (orphanages, supporting specific families in need). For me a big encouragement to help others is being involved in a church that supports various causes and encourages us to get involved and show love to others.